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There are many different kinds of doll hair:

1) Saran: saran doll hair is used primarily by Mattel (Barbie) and The Robert Tonner company (Tyler Wentworth dolls), as well as Fashion Royalty (Integrity Toys), Takara Licca, and various other Japanese dolls, namely BJDs (used for their wigs). Saran hair is manufactured in Japan, so it makes sense that it would be favored by a lot of the Japanese doll and toy manufacturers. Saran has a slightly waxy feel, and it is more heavily weighted than other kinds of hair. It is sometimes referred to as "kats*lk", but there is only ONE manufacturer of saran, so any website that you find which sells saran hair is obtaining it from the same manufacturer. My website,, sells saran, and I have the lowest prices anywhere! Other sites that sell saran are,, and But the prices on are lower than all of the other sites!

2) Nylon: Nylon is my favorite. It is used primarily by Hasbro (My Little Ponies), and it is also used by Ashton-Drake (Gene), as well as the vast majority of all other toys. Nylon is different from saran in that it does not have a greasy feel. It feels a lot like human hair, and it's a lot stronger than saran. It is offered in a vast array of colors, and it's gorgeous in every way. It is also a lot easier to curl than saran is. Unlike saran, nylon is manufactured by MANY different companies, and therefore, the nylon from one manufacturer may look and feel very different than the nylon from another manufacturer. Nylon can also be purchased on There is one other website which sells nylon on a retail level. It is However, sells nylon 6, and sells nylon 6,6. These 6's relate to the atomic structure of the polymer atoms, and Custompony's nylon 6,6 is much coarser than Dollyhair's nylon 6. is the ONLY website where you can buy soft, smooth nylon 6 on a retail level.'s nylon is purchased from the SAME manufacturer who supplies Hasbro and other toy companies, so if you're looking for a color match for a particular toy, you're likely to find it on

If you're specifically looking for nylon for My Little Ponies, you can also buy from's sister website, The only difference is that is a larger site, and it's easy to get lost in it, while only has one page, and you can order all of the matching My Little Pony colors right there, without navigating through the site. But both sites sell the same hair, with the same colors, and you can also see the same My Little Pony page on

3) Polypropylene: Polypropylene is very similar to nylon. It looks and feels exactly like nylon, so it's very easy to get confused and not know whether it's nylon or polypropylene that you're dealing with. The funny thing is that chemically speaking, nylon and polypropylene are as different as night and day! sells polypropylene as well. You really can't tell the difference between nylon and polypropylene; it's very difficult to tell. Want to know if your doll's hair is nylon or polypropylene? There's a simple test that you can do: Put a snip of it in a bowl of water. If it sinks, it's nylon. If it floats, it's polypropylene! This is because polypropylene is NOT porous, while every other type of doll hair that I know of IS porous. That means that, in theory anyway (I have yet to experiment), I would assume that polypropylene would not take fabric dye (Rit dye), nor would it absorb the doll hair fragrances that are sold on

4) natural: for example, mohair, Tibetan lambswool, and human hair. Enough said! also sells mohair in affiliation with our mohair supplier. It's very soft and pretty, and just right for fairy doll hair!

Now that you understand all of the varieties that are available, the next step is to actually root it! You are probably an artist/customizer, or maybe you're just a person who is looking to restore a much-loved doll to her former state! I'll show you everything that you need to know. I've been rooting dolls for years. sells two kinds of rerooting methods: 1) the reroot kit, and 2) the reroot tool. You can find out more about these methods by clicking the appropriate links on also sells doll hair fragrances (yes, that's right, Strawberry Shortcake fans), so you can make it smell great! Nowhere else can you buy fragrances! also sells pre-curled saran and nylon, but the pre-curled hair can get a little tangled as you do your reroot, so it's best reserved for experienced rerooters.

This is a portal site, so that's it for the info here. I wanted to be able to offer a website with real and true information. I do say that my sites have the lowest prices and best quality, but it's true. I've listed competitors' websites so you can see for yourself. Once you check around, come back to the authority. is meant to offer clear, concise information from Tina M.! Please be sure to visit for the best prices, best quality, best selection, and best customer service! We strive to ship all orders within 24 hours!

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